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Nightmares Be Gone!

Cropped image of part of a nightmare banana with mean face drawn on. Mouth is dark and jagged, eyes open and glaring

Published on 2016 07 19 | by Barb Peck | in Counselling

Using Imagery Rehearsal Therapy (IRT) is an effective and easy to do strategy that can reduce the frequency and severity of nightmares.

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Coping and Compassion

Published on 2015 04 09 | by Guest Contributer | in Counselling

Challenging shame, recognizing substance use as a coping strategy, and clarifying that trauma healing can happen alongside substance use recovery…

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What is Resistance?

small plant growing through hole in cement

Published on 2014 12 09 | by VSAC | in News

We recently spoke with one of our crisis counselors, Catherine Day, about resistance and we were left so inspired…

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Should We Stir up the past?

dog curled up napping in the sun

Published on 2014 09 08 | by Lenore Kennedy | in News

Is it a good idea to dig up painful memories from the past? What is the point? Shouldn’t we just let snoozing canines be?
These are good questions…

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