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Your existence is resistance

Published on 2018 10 31 | by Jaq and Lane, Trans Inclusion Team at VSAC | in Trans Inclusion

Content Note: Violence, Anti-Semitism, Colonization, Trans erasure, Racism, Xenophobia Hello Tender Hearts, We wanted to write a note amidst many exhausting, devastating, and overwhelming things that have happened this last week. Gender-based violence and sexualized violence do not operate in a vacuum—namely, these experiences are impacted and perpetuated by other systems of oppression and acts […]

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In Defense of Anger

A beautiful picture of lightning with a quote about anger.

Published on 2017 02 08 | by Barb Peck | in Healing

Anger is an emotion. It is not a behaviour and not the same as violence. Anger can be a life saving source of energy and provide vital information for survival. It can be a force for effecting positive change for individuals and societies.

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The Importance of Resistance and Choice

A sign that says "#We Believe Survivors"

Published on 2016 06 17 | by VSAC | in News

Catherine Day, a crisis counsellor at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre, shares her thoughts about some of the recent events covered in the media and how resistance and choice are vital to these conversations.

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Oh…You Work There

An otter covering its ears, with the caption: lalalalala I can't hear you!

Published on 2015 01 19 | by Barb Peck | in Social Action

I have encountered many reactions to my work and also heard from others in this field about their experiences. Let’s tune into a conversation in a social setting, when I am first meeting someone…

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Doing More Resistance?

Published on 2014 12 12 | by Barb Peck | in News

A reader from our previous blog post on resistance brought up the following question: “what if people want to do more resistance but can’t do it?” Here are the thoughts of one counsellor…

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What is Resistance?

small plant growing through hole in cement

Published on 2014 12 09 | by VSAC | in News

We recently spoke with one of our crisis counselors, Catherine Day, about resistance and we were left so inspired…

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Trans Resistance and Existence

Three candles each lit and getting progressively smaller flicker as though being pushed by breeze

Published on 2014 11 20 | by Alyx MacAdams | in Trans Inclusion

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, a day to remember the lives of trans people who have been murdered or who have taken their own life. It is a somber day, but it is also a day that reminds me of strength and resistance embodied by so many trans people.

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