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Group Counselling: What’s it all About?

Group counselling can create a very powerful healing experience for a survivors. Part of that experience includes:

Group counselling room

  • Knowing one is not alone in their experiences
  • Acceptance and compassion from others
  • Sharing of wisdom from all members
  • Support
  • Learning lots of tools, skills and resources

What are Groups at VSAC Like?

We offer a wide range of groups at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre (VSAC).  We offer two groups called “Skills for Healing” and “Building Strengths” quite frequently throughout the year.  These groups feature:

  • Education about how people respond to trauma
  • Skills are taught and resources developed for learning emotional regulation, dealing with flashbacks, etc.
  • Sharing is about one’s experiences trying the skills.
  • Facilitators are present to support members, create safety, set boundaries, and provide information.

We offer other groups that also have a lot of information but allow a deeper connection with the material and with one’s self.  They may include some sharing of trauma details in very specific, contained, and safe ways.

For more information about what are groups are all about, check out this recent blog post: Groups at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre

Gender Diversity

Our groups are gender-inclusive of all clients who are within our mandate (all women, Trans, Two-Spirit and Gender Non-Conforming survivors).  If we have enough requests to run a group for only (all) women or a group that is only for those who identify as Trans, Two-Spirit or Gender Non-Conforming, we may do so in the future.