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What is the Fast Five Fundraiser?

Throughout the month of April, individuals and local businesses will get creative and connected to raise $500 (or more!) for the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre!
Teams may choose to organize an event, fundraise at work, collaborate with a business, ask their friends & family for donations or turn their favorite activity into a fundraiser – whatever your team wants to take on! The question is…How FAST can you raise it?

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When you become a Fast Five Fundraiser, you ensure that the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre is there to provide critical services to survivors of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse as well as support valuable youth-led prevention education in the community.

We rely on donations to fund this important work, so every dollar counts!

There are hundreds of ways you can support us. Read our blog post to learn about some of the amazing Fast Five fundraisers from last year.

The sections below have all the information you need to get inspired and start your team!

Getting Started 
Coming Up With A Great Idea
Prizes & Acknowledgment 
Fast Five Marketing Materials 

Getting Started

1.) If you would like to start a team, please ">email our fundraising team to let us know.  In your email, please pass on your name, if you have a team of 5 already, your idea for fundraising and any other information you think would be important for us to know.  Once you email us, we can keep you in the loop about the Fast Five Fundraiser.

2.) We can send you, or you can download our Fast Five Fundraiser Kit, which has a bunch of useful information, ideas, and tips for successful fundraising.

3.) Create your Team and Team Name

4.) Set up your personalized online team fundraising page through CanadaHelps (scroll down and click on “create a team”).

5.) Scroll down to download some of our marketing tools that you can use as part of your event, activity or campaign.

6.) Start promoting your event or activity, or start asking for donations!

7.) Have fun and connect with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

Coming Up With A Great Idea

Whatever you enjoy doing can make a great fundraising idea. The more enthusiastic you are about your idea, the more successful your fundraiser will be!

Here are some fundraising ideas to help motivate you, but feel free to use your imagination and come up with your ideas.  Once you’ve chosen what you would like to do, keep ">our fundraising team in the loop, and we’ll support you in any we can.

Ideas for fundraising


      • Charity Special: have a special menu item
      • (Activity)-a-thon: for gyms, yoga studios, dance studios, etc….


      • Run/Walk
      • House Concert
      • Art/Jewellery Sale
      • Board Game Tournament
      • Film Screening

Face to Face:

      • Sometimes the most effective and efficient way to fundraise is just asking people directly for a donation.

Group Fundraising:

      • Fundraise at work: organize a Lunch Party or Jeans Day.
      • Piggy Bank Challenge: Ask your friends, family or colleagues to collect their change for the month of March
      • Host game night or karaoke night or quiz night or dinner party


We want you to have a good time with your team and fundraising idea, and we want everything to be safe and legal! Below are some guidelines that can help you plan your Fast Five Fundraiser:

      • If you were planning an event, make sure that personal risks are minimal for everyone involved.
      • If your event includes the general public, please obtain all necessary permits, licenses, and insurance relating to the event.
      • We discourage events that are centered around excessive drinking.
      • If your event or fundraising activity involves a game of chance (i.e., raffles, 50/50 draw, etc…), you may be required to get a gaming license.  You can check the BC Gambling Event Licence Fundraising website to find out if you require a license.
      • If you are event running where you are collecting cash donations, please take extra caution and be aware of your personal safety.
      • Please do not collect money door-to-door or on the street.
      • If you are collecting cheque donations, please make sure that they are made out to the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre.
      • If as part of your fundraising event or activity you are collecting offline donations (cash or cheques in hand), please keep those donations secure and keep track of your donors with our Donation Tracking Form.  You can arrange to drop off the donations your at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre with our fundraising team.
      • If you are organizing a 3rd party event for the Fast Five Fundraiser, you will be required to fill out a Third Party Special Events Application.

Fast Five Marketing Materials

Use the hastags #VSACFast500 and #FastFiveFundraiser

Victoria Sexual Assault Centre Social Media:

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram post – click on the picture to download.

Create your own event poster – click on the picture to download.