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Trans Inclusion

Your existence is resistance

Published on 2018 10 31 | by Jaq and Lane, Trans Inclusion Team at VSAC | in Trans Inclusion

Content Note: Violence, Anti-Semitism, Colonization, Trans erasure, Racism, Xenophobia Hello Tender Hearts, We wanted to write a note amidst many exhausting, devastating, and overwhelming things that have happened this last week. Gender-based violence and sexualized violence do not operate in a vacuum—namely, these experiences are impacted and perpetuated by other systems of oppression and acts […]

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VSAC Supports Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, and Two-Spirit Rights

Published on 2017 05 26 | by VSAC | in Trans Inclusion

The Victoria Sexual Assault Centre strongly supports Bill C-16, which is currently being considered by Senate. Last week it was announced that Bill C-16 to amend the Human Rights Code of Canada to protect Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, and Two-Spirit people was being introduced in the Senate. As the debates have taken shape over the last […]

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Trans Asterisk

Red Asterisk Symbol

Published on 2014 12 01 | by VSAC | in Trans Inclusion

You may have noticed that on our website we have changed “trans*” to “trans”. Find out why we made this change…

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Trans Resistance and Existence

Three candles each lit and getting progressively smaller flicker as though being pushed by breeze

Published on 2014 11 20 | by Alyx MacAdams | in Trans Inclusion

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, a day to remember the lives of trans people who have been murdered or who have taken their own life. It is a somber day, but it is also a day that reminds me of strength and resistance embodied by so many trans people.

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