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Grounding in Troubled Times

Published on 2020 05 21 | by Carissa Ropponen | in Healing

Sexual assault is a power-based crime where a survivor’s autonomy and control over their body is violated. Here at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre, we work to equip survivors with tools to reconnect with themselves, rebuild their sense of bodily autonomy, and heal from sexualized violence. In this video, Shadi, a counsellor at the Victoria […]

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Crisis Support at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre

Published on 2018 07 17 | by Carissa Ropponen | in Counselling, Healing, News

How can you access crisis support at VSAC? For many people, the initial point of contact with our centre will be our Access Line.  The Access worker will help you determine, by phone or email contact, which of our services best fit your current needs.  Generally, if a person has experienced any form of sexualized violence […]

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Victims and Survivors of Crime Week: Part Three

Published on 2018 05 23 | by Carissa Ropponen | in Healing

Have you wondered what VSAC’s services are like? In this 4 part blog series for Victims and Survivors of Crime Week we explore services that VSAC provides to survivors of sexual assault.  Victim Services A ‘Q&A’ Interview with our very own Victim Services Support Worker, Shannon Weinkauf   Q: What brought you to this work? […]

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We are here to support you

[Image with pink flowers that says, "Want to access our services? Victoria Sexual Assault Centre's Service Access Line: 250 - 383 - 3232; Email:; Need to talk? Vancouver Island Crisis Line (available 24-Hours): 1 - 888 - 494 - 3888]

Published on 2018 04 11 | by Lane Foster | in Healing

Since the announcement of our crisis line closure, we have received an outpouring of community responses and shared sadness for the loss of the line. Thank you for sharing your individual experiences with the crisis line and expressing your gratitude for VSAC’s services. We are grateful for the network of support around us, and we […]

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The Clinic Turns One!

clinic pamphlet

Published on 2017 02 17 | by VSAC | in clinic, Healing, News

February 17th, 2017 marks the first anniversary of the Victoria Sexual Assault Clinic: a confidential, accessible and welcoming facility that offers recent survivors of sexual assault access to medical and forensic care, options for reporting and support all in one centralized location.

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In Defense of Anger

A beautiful picture of lightning with a quote about anger.

Published on 2017 02 08 | by Barb Peck | in Healing

Anger is an emotion. It is not a behaviour and not the same as violence. Anger can be a life saving source of energy and provide vital information for survival. It can be a force for effecting positive change for individuals and societies.

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