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Virtual Counselling Groups

Banner that says "Virtual Counselling Groups." On each side of the text is a drawing of a two branches with leaves. The background is a blurred image of a lush forest with trees.

Published on 2020 12 21 | by Carissa Ropponen | in Counselling, News

Metta VanderVliet, Victoria Sexual Assault Centre counsellor, discusses the launch of our new virtual counselling groups. What is your role at VSAC? I’m a Stopping the Violence Counsellor and my role is to support survivors through our long term one-to-one counselling program (we offer up to 9 months of weekly sessions) as well as running […]

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Translated Materials for Survivors: Part 2

Published on 2019 05 23 | by Lane Foster | in Accessibility, clinic, Counselling

An image of a stack of books with the word survivor in Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, French and English. International and Newcomer Survivors, we are here to support you We here at VSAC believe it is critical to meet the language support needs of newcomer, refugee, and/or international student survivors, and are excited to offer information […]

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Crisis Support at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre

Published on 2018 07 17 | by Carissa Ropponen | in Counselling, Healing, News

How can you access crisis support at VSAC? For many people, the initial point of contact with our centre will be our Access Line.  The Access worker will help you determine, by phone or email contact, which of our services best fit your current needs.  Generally, if a person has experienced any form of sexualized violence […]

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Victims and Survivors of Crime Week: Part Two

Published on 2018 05 23 | by Carissa Ropponen | in Counselling

Have you wondered what VSAC’s services are like? In this 4 part blog series for Victims and Survivors of Crime Week we explore services that VSAC provides to survivors of sexual assault.  Support Groups Courage, empowerment, hard work, and sometimes laughter. These are the words that VSAC Counselor, Shadi, uses to describe Victoria Sexual Assault […]

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Why Call the Crisis and Information Line?

cell phone

Published on 2016 09 13 | by Barb Peck | in Counselling

Often people are surprised when I tell them all of the things they can access our crisis and information line for so I’d like to clear up any misconceptions. The very first and most important message is: You don’t have to be in crisis to call…

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Nightmares Be Gone!

Cropped image of part of a nightmare banana with mean face drawn on. Mouth is dark and jagged, eyes open and glaring

Published on 2016 07 19 | by Barb Peck | in Counselling

Using Imagery Rehearsal Therapy (IRT) is an effective and easy to do strategy that can reduce the frequency and severity of nightmares.

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Coping and Compassion

Published on 2015 04 09 | by Guest Contributer | in Counselling

Challenging shame, recognizing substance use as a coping strategy, and clarifying that trauma healing can happen alongside substance use recovery…

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