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Join our Board of Directors

Published on 2021 05 14 | by Carissa Ropponen | in News

Are you looking for an opportunity to support your community? To share your skills and experience with a feminist organization committed to ending sexualized violence through healing, education, and prevention? The Victoria Sexual Assault Centre is seeking new board and committee members to support the work of the organization in the coming year. Apply today! […]

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Black Youth Empowerment

Published on 2021 05 11 | by Carissa Ropponen | in News

Black Youth Empowerment Group Project Respect, a division of the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre’s Prevention Program, and the Girls and Femmes with Afro-textured Hair (Victoria, BC), began a collaboration in September 2020. The goal was to introduce Black Youth in high school, in Victoria, to program content from Project Respect. The Black Youth Empowerment (BYE) […]

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Virtual Counselling Groups

Banner that says "Virtual Counselling Groups." On each side of the text is a drawing of a two branches with leaves. The background is a blurred image of a lush forest with trees.

Published on 2020 12 21 | by Carissa Ropponen | in Counselling, News

Metta VanderVliet, Victoria Sexual Assault Centre counsellor, discusses the launch of our new virtual counselling groups. What is your role at VSAC? I’m a Stopping the Violence Counsellor and my role is to support survivors in our counselling program, individually as well as running groups to share valuable skills and information for coping, healing and […]

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Leadership Opportunity for Black youth!

Image with yellow, orange, and white bubbles in the backround. Red text reads "Girls and Femmes with Afro-Textured Hair and Project Respect Invite youth too...", then white text reads "help us create workshops."

Published on 2020 07 20 | by Carissa Ropponen | in News, Project Respect, Social Action

Girls and Femmes with Afro-Textured Hair and Project Respect invite you to help us create workshops for Black youth! Project Respect is collaborating with Nichola Watson, Counsellor, and Dr. Lisa Gunderson’s Girls and Femmes with Afro-textured Hair Group to develop workshops for Black youth. We are working together to build workshops about consent, gender, and […]

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Grief in Racial Injustice: Honouring Chantel Moore

Published on 2020 06 17 | by VSAC | in News

CN: Grief, death, police brutality, racism Much of our work at VSAC centering the healing of survivors is also about grief. We understand that BIPOC communities face gender-based and sexualized violence at higher rates, and how our work to end sexualized and gender-based violence is intimately bound up with the fight against racial injustice There […]

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(Un)learning in anti-violence work

Published on 2020 06 06 | by VSAC | in News, Social Action

At the beginning of June, the Inclusive Services Team at VSAC wrote a post about how to begin (Un)learning White Supremacy in Anti Violence Work. We received feedback about how this post centered white folks and erased the experiences of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) in our organization by using a collective “we” when […]

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Grounding in Troubled Times

Published on 2020 05 21 | by Carissa Ropponen | in Healing

Sexual assault is a power-based crime where a survivor’s autonomy and control over their body is violated. Here at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre, we work to equip survivors with tools to reconnect with themselves, rebuild their sense of bodily autonomy, and heal from sexualized violence. In this video, Shadi, a counsellor at the Victoria […]

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Community and Self Care for Survivors

Published on 2020 05 05 | by Carissa Ropponen | in News

Learning how to care for ourselves and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic in ways that are safe is a challenge that all of us are experiencing. For those of us on healing paths or experiencing new hardship, this self and community care is crucial. Watch our video with VSAC counsellor Shadi and Inclusion Coordinator […]

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GivingTuesdayNow: Donate today. Together we connect. Together we give. Together we heal. #GivingTuesdayNow. Text over image of white snowdrop flowers and their green stalks and leaves.

Published on | by Carissa Ropponen | in News

GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving in response to the need caused by COVID-19, is a chance for us to come together to demonstrate the power of community care. Today we invite you to connect survivors to healing through your generosity. Sexual assault is an isolating experience that disconnects survivors from a sense of stability […]

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