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We are looking for a new Executive Director

Join VSAC in Victoira; the blue bridge by the harbour is in the background.

We are looking for our next Executive Director who will lead our dynamic and growing team into the future. As an anti-violence organization, VSACis committed to learning and growth and taking steps in new directions to inspire a world free from sexualized violence that embraces inclusion of all people.

Our award-winning clinic and our ongoing trans inclusion work are examples of some of the ways we have taken steps to ensure our work is responsive to our communities. We are continuing this work by seeking core funding for our clinic, nurturing and growing our relationships with our community partners and continuing to learn and implement accessible and responsive ways of supporting survivors and amplifying consent culture through intersectional, feminist, and anti-colonial approaches.

Recently we have received multi-year funding for two very exciting projects.

SHIFTing Culture Project

Our award-winning youth-led gender-based violence prevention program, Project Respect, recently received 5-year funding through the Public Health Agency of Canada for our SHIFTing Culture Project through which we will deliver our innovative, school-based SHIFT program. This funding will also support us to develop and implement youth-led intervention research that will identify Project Respect’s promising practices for preventing youth dating and relationship violence. Our SHIFT program takes a whole school approach, through which each partner school receives the following programming annually: workshops on consent and respectful relationships to a whole grade of students; youth leadership and social action training to a group of 30 students who then lead violence prevention activities in their school; teacher and staff training and support to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in the school community. The purpose of the SHIFT program is to generate a shift in culture where consent is more deeply understood and widely practiced within and across school communities.

Decentralizing support and healing options for Indigenous survivors of gender-based violence

We also recently received 5-year funding from the Department of Women and Gender Equality to undertake important collaboration work with local Indigenous communities. The goal of this work is to build meaningful partnerships between anti-violence organizations, Indigenous serving organizations, and local Indigenous communities to create and enhance accessible, context-specific, culturally-relevant gender-based violence support and healing options for Indigenous women, Indigenous youth, 2Spirit people, Indigenous sex workers and their families and communities. Through this project, VSAC and community partners will work collectively toward the development and implementation of multiple community-led and culturally grounded support options implemented through meaningful and sustainable collaboration. This project will be grounded in decolonizing frameworks and processes that centre the leadership of local Indigenous nations, particularly Indigenous women, youth, 2Spirit people, and sex workers, and will promote anti-colonial practice among all community and organizational partners.


VSAC’s work is dynamic and requires dynamic leadership. Who are we are we looking for? Someone who is passionate, creative, collaborative, and brings a background of leadership experience in the anti-violence field. They have a strong, decolonizing, anti-oppressive, and intersectional feminist understanding of sexualized violence and demonstrate a commitment to responding to the complex and diverse impacts of sexualized violence across different communities. Someone who who can lead our team in developing and putting into action a strategic vision that is grounded in the needs of communities and responsive to current socio-political realities.

To get a feel for our work and our incredible staff team, please watch the livestream recording (forthcoming) of our recent event, which includes a Photovoice presentation from Project Respect’s Youth Social Action Team and a panel of VSAC staff who work in different roles across the agency articulating the complex and meaningful work they do.

If you think you are our next Executive Director, read the full job description and send us your information.

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