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Welcoming Nadia, Crisis Counsellor

Nadia in her office with with a big smile

Hi!  My name is Nadia Khan, and I’m the “new” Crisis Counsellor.  The “new” is in quotation marks because I’ve been hanging around the Centre in one way or another since 2010, but I’ve just been hired on as a permanent staffer (and I am super excited!!!).  I started out as a volunteer on our Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), and then was lucky enough to do my counselling internship here.  I’m also an auxiliary Crisis Line Worker and was an auxiliary Crisis Counsellor before I became permanent.

Last year, I joined our Prevention Education team (Project Respect), as well, and have been helping out by co-facilitating workshops at places like Need2, PEERS, VIRCS, and Royal Roads University.  Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to join one of our other awesome Prevention Educators in facilitating a school workshop soon. I love working here at VSAC, and was overjoyed when a position became available for me!

As a culturally-different woman of colour, and as someone who grew up in the Islamic faith, I hope I am able to bring a diverse perspective to our work at the Centre.  My own family has struggled with the effects of colonialism; my ancestors were brought to Trinidad (in the Caribbean) from somewhere in or near India (not exactly sure – record- keeping wasn’t great in those days…) to work as indentured labourers for the British.  Trinidad has only been an independent nation for about 50 years (within my parents’ lifetime), and is still struggling to recover from British rule.  I am hoping to add a unique viewpoint to the Centre’s ongoing commitment to decolonization and anti-oppressive practice; in fact, I’ve joined our Anti-Oppressive Practice committee, and am excited to learn more.

My hope is that my presence at VSAC will help our Centre be more accessible to clients who are currently under-served (people of colour, immigrants, and refugees).  I am looking forward to learning new ways of working with clients who may have different views of helping.  Besides counselling, one of my passions is music, and I would ultimately like to add Music Therapy to my therapeutic toolkit.